Monday, 10 June 2019

7 small ways you can help save the planet today

You can't escape the fact that we are killing our planet. If you weren't aware of that, then where have you been? More and more I am trying to change the way that I am living so that I can help the planet. Sometimes I get asked why I bother because the things that I do won't make much of a difference. But imagine if every single person made some small changes, the ripple effect would lead to a greater change to our planet's health. So I have come up with a list of small changes you can make today to help save our planet.

1. Use reusable bags. 

This is probably the easiest change to make, not only will you save the planet but you will also save money. Buying a single-use plastic bag will cost you 5p, for double that price you can have a reusable plastic bag and if it breaks you simply return it to the shop and get a replacement free of charge. Supermarket chains know how to properly recycle this type of plastic. 

2. Make changes to the way you shop for food

Many of us don't like the idea of putting our fruit and veg on a germy conveyor belt (me included), but we should think twice when buying items that already have a natural skin that we won't eat. Does it really need a plastic bag? 
Personally, I never put bananas or carrots in plastic bags. 

Speaking of bananas, a friend told me this and I feel the need to share it with everyone I know. If you are buying bananas, pick the ones that are on their own or in a pair. These are the ones that will be thrown away at the end of the day because people prefer buying proper bunches. Why does it matter if your bananas come separately or in a bunch? 

Lastly, certain products, such as mayonnaise, can be bought in either a plastic or a glass container. Pick the glass option, this is far more widely recycled. 

3. Change your search engine to Ecosia

Instead of using Google, change your search engine to Ecosia, This won't make a huge difference to you as you will still get the results that you require but for the planet, it will make a difference. For every 45th search you do, a tree is planted. 

4. Use a reusable cup/water bottle

Again, by incorporating this change, not only do you save the planet but you will also save money. Many coffee shop chains give you a discount on your drink for using a reusable cup. 

Each plastic water bottle takes 200 years to decompose. I'll just leave that there.

5. Turn your computer off overnight 

(I actually didn't know about this one until yesterday, so I thought I would add it to the list) This sounds like such a small insignificant change but can make a difference. Your energy usage will be reduced and it will probably enhance your devices life, as these devices aren't built to be constantly running. (Which admittedly, I can't remember the last time I turned my laptop off) 

6. Save water 

Baths are a lovely treat and still can be but if you are bathing every day why not have showers instead? Showers use half the amount of water than baths do. 

Another easy way to reduce your water usage is to turn off the tap whilst you are brushing your teeth. This can save a huge 5 gallons of water a day! 

7. Incorporate a vegetarian/ vegan day into your diet 

If a full vegetarian/vegan diet feels like too big a jump for you, why not incorporate a meat-free day or two a week? If everyone did this then the demand for animal products would be less and in turn would massively help the environment. "Animal agriculture is responsible for more greenhouse gasses than all of the worlds transportation systems combined." (PETA).

If you feel like these changes aren't enough and want to make some bigger ones then here are a couple more things I do. 

Look into the effects of fast fashion

I recently watched a documentary on Netflix called The True Cost and it really opened my eyes. I recommend everyone to watch it. It is heartbreaking and honest, showing what really goes on for us to be able to have cheap, high street clothes. Often when shopping I try to ask myself, do I really need it? The answer is often no. 

Sustainable periods

If you have a period then it may feel like you have no other option but to use the plastic full pads and tampons. But there are other options! Whilst the moon cup is a great option, it isn't for everyone but worry not there are sustainable ways to use period pads. You could opt for a cotton period pad which requires you to clean it OR you could use disposable, biodegradable period pads. I personally use the Natracare pads which can be bought in natural health shops, in Waitrose or on Amazon. (Not sponsored) Not only are they better for the environment as they don't have any plastic but they are also better for our health as they are free from chlorine and other chemicals which are found in typical pads. They are also similar in price to Always pads! 

So these are some simple changes that we can all make to our lives. Do you do anything else in your daily life to help the planet? Share your tips below! 

If we don't make a change, it will soon be too late! 


  1. Great post! I definitely agree and it's not that difficult when it's done over a period of time. Changing some of our objects or products into reusable or minimal waste ones can be easily done (when accessible and with enough money) and is for the better! :D Can't wait to read your future posts on this x

  2. Fab post! Biodegradable toothbrushes are another pretty easy switch, humble brush toothbrushes from Holland and Barrett are pretty good. I've also recently been looking at reusable sandwich/food wraps to cut out using cling film etc. X

    1. Oh yes that's very true I forgot about toothbrushes! I didn't know that reusable food wraps are available, I need to look into that. Thank you!

  3. My tip is check what you buy. Is the packaging recyclable? If not switch to a product that is. Big retailers will soon take notice when the sales start to drop!

    1. So true! If there isn't a demand then the big retailers will change to something that people actually want to buy

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