Sunday, 8 July 2018

Summer body hair, don't care

It is  that time of year where girls are conditioned to have smooth legs, under arms and bikini. Whilst in winter we can get away with being au naturel, summer is a place where hair (supposedly) doesn't belong. After many summers of ridding myself of hair as soon as it regrows, this year I am a little more chilled.

Since the age of 10, I have been conforming to societies standards and have been removing hair from places that were deemed "unlady like". Hair from under my arms were the first to appear and were painfully removed once a month by my mum pretending she knew what she was doing with a home waxing kit. The wax was always far too hot and sometimes not removed quick enough and so most waxing sessions ended in tears. However, no matter how painful the experience and no matter how much dread would fill me, each month I still found myself on the front room floor ready to be waxed. At the age of 13 I began shaving my legs, and once I found this painless way of removing hair my underarms soon followed. However, I  still leave the bathroom every time with burning legs covered in dots of blood. Soon followed the joys of upper lip hair (the hair that no woman likes to admit they have), where my mum suggested we do a home bleaching kit every 6 weeks where we would find ourselves fighting the giggles over this thick tingling mustache. By then I had also grown pubic hair which is the only hair as a teen I was encouraged to keep as "why would I want to look like a child again? It is your lady hair" I was told. By 18 I ditched all previous attempts at hair removal and began using a home laser kit.

Here I am at 21 still trying to laser away my hair (with not all that much success in all honesty), until I began to realise that this desire to be hairless is a social construction. For a while now I have felt a societal pressure to remove hair from certain places and so I took to Twitter to find out if anyone else felt this way too. The results were rather interesting.

I asked a series of questions through polls and these were the results.

Interestingly enough 34% of women who took part would grow out body hair if they felt they could and a huge 80% of people don't care what their partner does with their body hair. So why is it that we are so hung up on being smooth?

I do get rid of my hair in the summer for personal preference but instead of frantically making sure I am always smooth like I have done in previous years, this year I am supporting a little bit of regrowth until I can next be bothered to shave again, which is usually 3/4 days later. 

Hair removal is an industry which rackets in millions of pounds and like the whole of the beauty industry, it relies on us feeling insecure. Whatever your preference this summer know that its ok to have summer body hair and not care. I certainly don't. 


  1. Awesome post! x
    My story with shaving is pretty much the same, but last summer I decided that I'm not gonna care that much anymore, especially about what someone thinks if they see a tiny hair on my legs. But I believe that it also comes with growing self confidence. :)

    Daria |

  2. I’m totally with you on this one. I do shave my legs, but it’s annoying and time-consuming, so I only do it every once in a while. And I’ve been trying to let go of my preconceived notions of how I should present myself.

    Keep it up. xx