Thursday, 26 July 2018

Mindful moments: Water

If you are living in the UK then you will be, like me, in the midst of an extremely hot summer. 34 degrees is not the usual summer temperature we experience and so it is when it is a sweltering heat that we appreciate water to the max. But whilst, of course, I am grateful to drinking water for keeping me alive and for living in a country where there is literally an endless supply of water, this post is about the sea. 

Yesterday I went to the sea, my happy place. In times of struggle, there is something about sitting on a beach and watching the waves that really calms me, makes me feel small. Recently I have been struggling, my anxiety is making living with my brain hard and suicidal thoughts have been on the increase and whilst some days it feels like all I hear is this negative mental chatter, yesterday by the sea, I felt peace. It was almost like the waves of the sea drowned out the storm inside of me. For a good few hours yesterday I was so lost in the moment and the beauty of the day that none of the usual negative thoughts crossed my mind. 

Since, my mind has been calmer and i've been smiling a little easier. So today I am grateful for water, for the type I drink for keeping me alive and for the type in seas and lakes that keeps me sane. 

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  1. There is something about the sea that is both fascinating and scary, so much bigger it is than any of us, isn't ? the ebbs and flows of the waves ; the way the water looks, or the humid yet not unpleasant way the wind coming from it can sooth us ; the way that despite some of its more fearful nature, there is life at sea, from the birds flying above, to those swimming on it, to the fish and corals, everything can inspire and sooth.

    I find that for me, the sea is scary from afar, but I love seeing it on photos, or hearing its sounds. I understand and can relate to how it can relax and bring a sense of inner peace, and so I am glad that it also helps you quiet the inner storms of anxiety and other struggles.

    In that topic of water as a source of life, I love Helene Grimaud's album "Water", where she plays piano for various classical music pieces. I suggest you check it out :)