Saturday, 7 April 2018

Self Care for the days you feel like sh*t

Self care is all well and good when you feel you half like yourself. But some days going to run a bubble bath or trying to channel those negative feelings through art can seem like a waste of time and a huge mountain to climb. Some days I don't want to look after myrself because I feel like I don't deserve it and because what is the actual point?

 Welcome to the shittiest days. 

Recently I've had my fair share of these days. In fact today is one of them. So I thought I'd make a list of self care tips for the days you feel like shit, little things you can do which can make a difference, little acts of kindness towards yourself when you're brain is filled with negative thoughts and emotions. 

1. Shower. Showing can seem like the most obvious daily task to the every day human, but add a concoction of mental ill health and days can pass without washing yourself. The guilt of not being able to human like everyone else is just something else to add to that long list of why I'm a failure. When you feel extra rubbish dragging yourself to the shower can feel like a mammoth task, why would one want to peel away the clothes they have lived and slept in for the last 3 days away from their dirty body? Why would one want to stand naked and cold before entering the shower? Yeah showers don't seem that appealing when ill. However, showers on the shittiest days always help to raise my mood by about 15%. Washing away the tears, dirt, panic and sorting through my unbrushed hair as i wash and condition it always makes me feel better. Maybe it's this whole fake it till you make it mantra.

2. Drink a glass of water. Water is so crucial to your body and mind functioning properly and often we deprive our bodies of this necessity. It's happened many times where my brain feels fuzzy and heavy and I feel unmotivated. A glass of  water later and I seem to have regained some new lease of life. So don't knock what a glass of water can do for you. In fact, go and have one now. (This post can wait for you to resume it after) 

3. Paint your nails. Perhaps I do have that girly girl side to me and this step might not inspire you to do the same. Painting my nails is helpful for two reasons. The first being that painted nails make me feel like I look like I am all together. Every time I look down at my pretty nails it cheers me up. The second reason why this is one of my self care tips is because it helps me refrain from self harm, as I don't want to chip my nails with sharp objects.

4.Eat some fruit. It's very easy to run for the sugar when feeling shit and whilst the odd chocolate bar can be comforting, on my worst days I end up having 3 or 4 in a row. Although it tastes good, it's not helping my physical or my mental health. Eating fruit is a small way of looking after yourself. Not only does it do your physical health good but it also doesn't come with any added guilt. 

5. Connect with nature. Even if you only go for a 10 minute walk, try to leave the house. I personally prefer to go alone so then I don't then need to worry about making conversation. As I said before, today is one of "those" days and I am currently writing this post on paper on a bench in the 19 degree heat with the Italian sun on my skin. Feeling the sun, hearing the birds, breathing fresh air, seeing the trees, flowers and bugs won't cure us but it will for sure do our soul some good. I can currently also see lots of dogs. When did seeing a dog never cheer someone up a little? 

6.Spend time with animals. If you have a pet then go spend some time with them. If you don't why, not go visit a family member or friend who has one? Humans can sometimes be too much and so time with a fury friend is perfect. They don't ask a million and one questions, they are just there for you. Animals, like dogs and cats, also often pick up on our energy and react accordingly. Pet therapy never hurt anyone. 

So there goes my little list of things that help me on my worst days. Obviously what helps you might be different but it is important to be aware of what helps and what is toxic to you on the days of struggle. If there is anything that helps you that I haven't mentioned I'd love to hear about it in the comments below. What helps you may help me.

Take care and remember even the shittiest of days will blow over. 

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  1. i love this !! colouring in and listening to music in the bath with some candles lit is always so relaxing :)