Sunday, 15 April 2018

Nothing is okay

I’ve just walked to a nice café where I was going to write a university essay but instead, I have a burning need to write this so here we are. On my walk here I walked past countless amounts of homeless people with their dogs. Sat on street corners, on pieces of cardboard, wrapped in blankets not even bothering to beg for money because they know that their existence is an uncomfortable reality that the majority of people would rather ignore. I walked past people engrossed in their screen instead of looking where they are walking. I opened up my twitter, my newsfeed full of people talking about their ill mental health. My phone pinged, a notification from BBC news, America, France and the UK have started bombing Syria. I go on Instagram and my feed is full of pictures of beautiful people trying to live a perfect life.   

We are the richest we have ever been in this part of the world, we have everything we could ever dream of at the click of the button, yet we are statistically the unhappiest we have ever been. Homelessness in the UK is described as a crisis.  1 in 4 people are suffering from mental illness, many of those waiting months that sometimes spill into years for treatment. There are prescription drug crisis in various parts of the world. The world is polluted, ice burgs melting, animals going extinct, our plastic waste is becoming a huge problem. And for all the things in the world that can kill us, suicide is now claiming more lives than all of the deaths combined from war and terrorism. The biggest killer amongst 15-29 year olds and of men under 45 is people choosing to end their own lives. Not war, not cancer or strokes, not heart disease or diabetes but suicide, something 100% avoidable with the right help, with a life that is not as difficult as the one we seem to lead today.

Nothing is okay. The world is a mess. It seems that through trying to drastically improve human life we have made ourselves unhappier. There are more pressures. Ok, the majority of us don’t have to deal with war or famine, in fact, we live comfortable lives but it cannot be ignored that in order to have that comfortable life there is a LOT of stress and pressure. So not only is the world being slowly destroyed, animals one by one becoming extinct but every 40 seconds someone is choosing to end their life.

How is it that we have enough in this world to look after everyone but so many people go without. We are building bigger and bigger houses yet homelessness is described as a crisis in the UK. How is it that we have billions of pounds worth of food waste every year yet so many people in the world go hungry? How is it that we are all having to put on brave faces and pretend to be “living our best lives” when in fact we are fighting battles behind closed doors that we think no one else will understand but in fact, they would. A lot of things in this world seem backward.

Ask if people are ok. Give a smile to a homeless person. Offer people kind words. Tell them that they look nice. Only buy what you need. Recycle. Buy biodegradable stuff. Give money to charity. Don’t buy into consumerism. Cherish the people you love. Give a helping hand. Talk about your problems. Be honest. Smile. Take a moment to breathe.


  1. Thank you. I couldn't think of any other words to say before this, because it sums up how i felt. Overwhelming gratitude that there is someone out there who can blog that final paragraph, write with such honesty and 'get it'. That final paragraph needs to be broadcast across every screen in every house i swear.

    People like you give me hope that the world doesn't have to be this terrible place. I didn;'t want to use a film quote as it seems so cheesy, but when i think of the horrors in the world today i go back to Sam Gamgee's words "there's some good and it's worth fighting for."

    The fact that there is someone- you - who can believe in a world beyond consumerism, beyond superficiality, beyond 'popularity' (i am 100% behind you on the blogging world right now). That is the good i believe in, truly.

    As i said, i hope this isn't too cheesy, I honestly mean every word xxxx

    Bumble and Be

  2. Thank you so much for your lovely comment Sophie! There is a world beyond consumerism, superficiality and popularity and I would like to believe that slowly people are becoming aware of that.
    I hope you are well xx