Sunday, 29 April 2018

Celebrating Small Boobs

When picturing societies' image of a perfect woman, that image doesn't represent a flat chested lady. Breasts seem to be what physically makes a woman a woman. So growing up and realizing that whilst everything else on your body is growing and changing, your boobs aren't, can be somewhat difficult to come to terms. Welcome to the pancake club. 

To this day I still shyly hand over my tiny bras at the Marks and Spencers or Debenhams checkout (these are the only two stores I've found that do bras my size) in the hopes that no one will judge me for buying the same size as most 11/12 year olds. I have, however, slowly but surely, found things to love about my tiny breasts and for those of you who are in the same boat, I  thought I would write this post. In a society that is all about loving and accepting all your rolls and curves, this is a post for those of us that don't have curves to love. 

At some point those of us in the pancake club will have thought about getting plastic surgery, to have the "perfect" body by societies standards. I was pretty sure I would get plastic surgery once I turned 18, but obviously didn't have £4000 to spend and now at 21, I'm finally starting to love my small boobs. Here is why having small breasts can actually be a good thing: 

1. You physically can't have saggy breasts later on in life. It's not possible as we don't' have enough weight in our boobs. So prepare for a lifetime of perky boobs because ours will always look good. 

2. Bralettes look effing cute on us. 

3.We will never experience boob related back ache. 

4. Don't want to wear a bra? No problem. 

5. Guys actually aren't that hung up on boobs, they prefer bums! (I did a poll on twitter to prove this, scientific research is a must)

6. Underboob sweat? Non-existent

7. If you want bigger boobs, here's the good news! Based on generations that have come before us, boobs grow with age! Not by much but they do grow. (Although, the rest of us will get bigger too, this isn't magic) 

So if you are like me and trying to rock the small boobs then rest assured that there are some positives. After winters spent with big scarfs wrapped around me and summers spent with really long hair all in an attempt to cover my chest, I am learning to embrace the little I have. Don't let yourself get bombarded with the images of perfect women in the magazines, real women's breasts (and bodies) come in all shapes and sizes, and if you take the time to start looking around there are far more members of the pancake club than you may have realised.

Learn to love yourselves fully, small boobs and all, because you are perfect just the way you are. 


  1. Since the beginning of 2018 I have only worn a proper bra twice, I have no problem with having a flatter chest! It's sad though, because I know some people are really bothered by it but you're right, there are many perks to being a bit more flat chested! I'm so glad I've never experienced underboob sweat, and I love the fact I can go on a run In a cheap, pathetic excuse of a sports bra but still feel comfy because I have not much to hold down!

  2. Thank you for your comment. Thats very true I forgot about how easy it is to exercise for us, I love that I can go to the gym without a bra if i want and it wont make a huge amount of difference

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