Wednesday, 17 January 2018

More than these scars

Trigger warning, this post discusses self harm and there are images of self harm scars, so if you feel you may be sensitive to this type of content please don't go any further. 

The lovely Mel created the #ScarredAndSexy (you can read her post here) and I knew instantly that this was something that I wanted to participate in.  

More and more we see a celebration of scars, but this celebration is for people who have undergone huge surgeries, had a trauma and who have battle wounds. But what if the battle is with yourself and you are both the abuser and the victim? Of all scars, self harm scars are the ones to carry most of the stigma. "You did that to yourself? Well you deserve to get disgusting looks and to feel ashamed forever." 

I disagree. 

I am not in the slightest trying to romanticise self harm scars or say that they are beautiful. The scars themselves are ugly, some are pink, others are white, some are flat, others are bumpy and they represent a dark part of my past. But they do not devalue me as a person. They are a part of me, and just like I would do my best to accept my stretch marks or cellulite, I have grown an acceptance for my scars. I can be beautiful even with scars. 

They are marks of a battle and a journey only I truly understand. Never did it cross my mind when I was creating them that they would be here forever. But they are. I have been made to believe that they are a dirty secret that should be hidden so I have concealed them behind swim suits that aren't flattering in the slightest, I've had to be careful how I sit when wearing shorts so that they don't ride up and I've had to lie about how they ended up covering my hip. Who am I  doing all this for? To protect members of a society that aren't ready to face the physical marks of a mental illness. 

So here I am. Scarred and beautiful. Scarred and intelligent. Scarred and funny and weird. #ScarredAndSexy. 

We are beautiful. We are more than these scars. 


  1. This post is so brave and eye opening. Your scars are your war wounds and they are apart of you. They are beautiful! I self harmed years ago and I embrace my scars now.

    Fix Me In Forty Five

  2. This post made me cry ahaha, so proud of you. You are the most amazing and beautiful, And sexy as hell 💃🏽

  3. I wrote a post about my experience with this too but have yet to post it on my own blog - submitted it as a guest post for someone else. This is very brave! My scars are on my shoulder, and they don't bother me (any more). I still sometimes feel a wave of shame when questioned, but then I remind myself that it was my survival mechanism at the time, and though it might not have been ideal, it worked. So no shame here.