Wednesday, 27 December 2017

A new year's letter to you

Dear you. 

The you who is ready to face the year head on and is raring to go. The you who is rolling into the new year indifferent. The you who looks at the 365 days ahead and wonders how you can possibly see the 1st of January 2019. This letter is for you.

Ahead lies a whole year. And that seems like an unfathomable amount of time. So much possibility, so much uncertainty, so much could go right, so much could go wrong and here you are trying to push through one hour at a time, let alone 365 days. I can't promise you anything and I can't tell you how things will turn out. And maybe that is the worst part. If we knew, we could prepare ourselves, but life doesn't work like that. It doesn't give us prep time before an exam. 

365 days is a time frame which, this year, fills me with fear and maybe it does to you too. Uncertainty is a devil in itself and our brains create outcomes that horror movies would conjure up.

When the clouds are heavy and thick and constantly look like there is a chance of thunder, it is hard to ever imagine that the sun could peak through, that this dark prison is forever where we shall remain. A year is a long time. It is a long time to survive under such thick and scary clouds. However, 365 days is a period of time long enough for unthinkable change. A year ago I never thought I would write a book, a year ago I didn't know where I was spending my year abroad, a year ago I didn't know I would hit rock bottom and want to take my own life. A year from now my life may be very different, and so may yours.

So this is a letter for you and a letter for me. Whatever may rise we will survive. It won't be easy. Everyday may be a battle for a while, but know there will be a day where a smile will slip between your lips which isn't forced, a laugh will rise and you will forget about the struggle even if only for half an hour. There will be a day where the sun will warm your skin and you will watch waves crash on the beach and it will be as though time has stood still for that perfect moment. 

Dear you. Dear me. Please keep going, change and uncertainty is scary but it can be equally amazing. You have to be around for the ride though. 

May 2018 exceed all expectations and be a year for you. 


  1. Absolutely loved reading through this, so well written! I'm so inspired by this post, definitely bookmarking for future reading! Wishing you the best 2018 too! xo

    Anika |

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Anika, I'm so glad it is helping someone :) x