Saturday, 15 July 2017

Self Love

Self love and self care are two concepts that I am really trying to embrace in my life as I think that they are incredibly vital in allowing us to be the best versions of ourselves. This post is actually the first tag post that I have chosen to do and it is for the very specific reason that it is a subject that I believe is important. So here are the tag questions and my answers: 

1. What is the one thing getting you down at the moment? 

I am not sure if it is getting me down as such but I am definitely overwhelmed by everything that I have going on at the moment.  I am set to start my year abroad at the end of August, I am currently in the process of organising a Student Minds Summer Fete in London (If you would like more information feel free to get in contact and I have the release of my poetry ebook Tired Eyes set to be released on the first of August. Plus there are the little things life throws at me in the process. So not only does this leave me very overwhelmed but it can in turn leave me feeling down as I question how I can possibly do it all. 

2. What is something that makes you happy? 

The simplest of things make me happy and I am quite easy to please. However, if I were to choose one thing that makes me happy it would probably be watching a sunset. Every single one is so different from the last, it doesn't cost anything and I love watching them whilst chatting about things with my best friends. 

3. Name 3 guilty pleasures 

  • Watching crappy TV. I love watching mindless programmes like Keeping Up with The Kardasians, Teen Mom and The Housewives of Orange Country. 
  • Watching the weather forecast. The weather has always been a weird passion of mine. I love watching the worlds weirdest weather, and whilst storms and tornadoes scare me, I am also hugely interested in them.
  • Rapping. If you spend enough time with me you will soon realise that I am always singing. (My poor flatmates) but I also love to rap, especially to Eminem or Nicki Minaj. Whether I am any good or not is another question entirely.

4. What one thing would you like to improve about yourself?

I'd like to be able to see the positive side to things more easily. Unfortunately my brain sees the negative of a bad situation straight away and instead I would like to be able to have faith and see the positives. 

5. When was the last time you belly laughed 

The other day I was taking photos of my dog (which turned out unbearably cute) and in the process I took some of my mum and dog together. I decided to put my camera onto continuous shooting mode and the results had me clenched over in two unable to breathe I was laughing so much. In one photo my mum looks asleep, if not dead, and then the next her eyes are wide open but everything else about the photo remains the same, even the dog. It is funnier than it seems when I write it down but it had me in stitches. 

6. What is your biggest insecurity/fear? 

My biggest insecurity is not being good enough. I try so hard with everything that I do in order to be good enough. To be a good enough daughter, sister, student, employee, blogger and sometimes I fear that I fall short.  

7. Name a song that always cheers you up 

Downtown by Macklemore - this one comes with a story. Have you ever had one of those moments where you feel completely free and happy? Well this is the song that accompanied one of those moments. I was happily drunk during my first year of university and on a night out at the campus club dancing with my friends when this song came on. I felt complete peace and happiness, I was 110% present in that moment and it was one of those times where I think to myself "wow my life is good" as I sung at the top of my lungs in my drunken haze. Every time I hear the song I am taken back to that moment and it is a wonderful bliss. 

8. Name 3 things you like about yourself 

Physically I like my hair and the colour of my eyes. In terms of my personality, there are quite a few things I like but if I had to choose one I think I would say my dedication and how hard working I am (does that count as two? Opps) 

9. What is an achievement that has made you proud of yourself this year? 

Without wanting to sound big headed there are many things that I am proud of this year. In the blogging sense I am proud of my growing amount of readers and that I am growing as a blogger by becoming more wholesome and showing myself as an entire person rather than just the side that concerns mental health. In a personal sense, I think I am probably proudest to still be at university and to not be doing too badly. There have been a few close shaves with me leaving university. My mental health being sometimes one of those reasons but also the discovery that perhaps languages is not where I see my life leading and instead I would love to do something to do with mental health or writing. Despite my mental health here I am doing a joint honours degree, running a blog, holding down a job and volunteering for Student Minds and if that isn't something to be proud of then I don't know what is.

10. Tell us your happiest memory 

Again this is quite a tough question as I am fortunate enough to have had many happy moments. I think a memory that I will always cherish is during my first year of university, when I had only just begun my blog, I was nominated for the Marsh Recovery Award and I shared the news on Facebook. That evening I went out to one of my society events to come back to my halls of residence to find that my flatmates had decided to throw me a surprise party celebrating my blog. They had decorated the kitchen, bought a cake and sweets and we spent the night laughing and being stupid. It was a type of fun that was exactly down my street as at the time I didn't enjoy drinking so we had an alcohol free night and I think in my mind it will remain one of my happiest moments whilst at university. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post. I would like to thank @beaut1fulchaos_ for nominating me and I would like to nominate @_simplewriter @Mike_Douglas_ @LuluDigitale @just_whisper_it @above_anxiety @dremds. 

What do you to practice self love? What are your answers to the above questions? 


  1. Great great post! I always love when you talk about yourself and your life (and other things of course), but I find you so interesting and your posts are so nice to read, with a very good writing style. 😍Thank you for nominating me!

  2. This was such a lovely post to read and thank you for tagging me, I can't wait to do it! You have every right to be proud of yourself for your achievements. xx

    1. Thank you that means a lot, I can't wait to read your tag xx

  3. Great post, Angela. It's fantastic how much you take on and achieve, you should be so very proud of yourself. You're a inspiration for many others. Like you I've never participated in a tag post but the subject matter is so close to my heart and you never know, I might learn something about myself. Keep doing what you're doing. Take care and all the best ����

    1. Thank you so much Matt, I hope you enjoy the writing process and I am looking forward to reading your tag

  4. Very inspiring post. I love how you are able to find a whole chunk of different things to be happy about and proud of. This is a great post for you to look back and read through during your darkest moments. I think I might have to follow your example and do this tag too. Thank you again for this post; you have a new follower :)

  5. Thank you so much Claire. I am touched to know that you found it inspiring and I hope you enjoy the process of answering the tag.