Thursday, 11 May 2017

Dear Body

Dear Body,

I've already spent 2 decades with you and yet only now am I realising you are the most important thing I own. You are my tool to success and without  you all else fails. But I haven't treated you with the respect you deserve. Since childhood I have been running around and falling. Small scars remain proof of the school playground were my high pitch squeal would fill the air and a huge smile upon my face.

 But 7 years on and the number of scars that grew were no accident. Angry slashes that will forever remain, a reminder that not only have I been through tough times but that I have survived. Now body what I apologise most for is depriving you. Some days food was not an issue, other days swallowing was hard as my stomach was a pit of sickness and anxiety that consumed me. I am sorry that some nights you have gone to bed with an apple for dinner and your stomach rumbled as you fell asleep and that you mistook that as normal.  Dear body, I am sorry for the hurtful words I have spat out at you because whilst thighs that touch and a stomach with rolls upsets me, you are my tool and I need you for life. Dear body, I am sorry for the lack of sleep you have endured over the years and how instead of listening to you, I pushed you. Day in day out I gave you no option but to keep going, no matter how many tears were shed and how exhausted you were, we had to keep going. Not anymore dear body, we can rest now, we can sleep peacefully.

I would like to address you, my new, upcoming body for you are where the future lies. Dear body that will flourish, you do not need a thigh gap, big boobs and a flat stomach to be beautiful. You do not need to weigh so little, and your worth is not measured by a number which is the weight of gravity. All you need to be beautiful is a kind soul, passion and happiness. Now dear body who will flourish, if you would like tone up once you get a little bigger than that is fine too. Be strong, not skinny. Be a woman. I will feed you dear body all the right things and love and care for you, for you are my temple, the tool that will make all my dreams come true and that will take me on amazing adventures. Because dear body I want to live for as long as possible without health issues. I cannot take good health for granted for one day it will no longer be as good as it is today.

Eat well, drink plenty of water, rest, practice self care, smile and enjoy life.
Because dear body if I do not fall in love with you now we have a heck of a long and unpleasant ride ahead of us.

Much Love

*Disclaimer; I do not suffer from an eating disorder, I do have some issues with body image and have not nourished my body as I should at times however I am healthy. If you suffer from an eating disorder please speak to your GP. 


  1. "your worth is not measured by a number" 💜💜💜💜💜💜

  2. your words are so moving and helpful