Sunday, 16 April 2017

#imlovingmebecause - Body Confidence

Body positivity and body confidence is something that I haven't really touched upon before but it is something that every single person can relate to. We have all stood in front of that mirror and picked out our flaws. Even the ones no one else notices. Our lives are filled with the perfect images of celebrities bodies on magazine covers, on tv and now on our phones. Their flat stomachs and curves in all the right places, their white teeth and perfect hair make us realise how we don't match up to them and probably never will. Now of course it is clichè to say that it is what is inside that matters (and that really is true) but that doesn't stop us from criticising the outside because at the end of the day it is what we and others see first. If people saw us for our inner beauty we would live in a very different world.

There are some beautiful people in the celebrity world but they have a team of make up artists, hair stylists and most importantly they have photoshop. If they have a spot or a wrinkle they want to remove it is easy to do before they upload that perfect photo to Instagram. Do you have all these things? Probably not. Just like most people you make do with what you have, on a good day you put on the cheap foundation you got from Superdrug and the free eyeliner you got as a 12 year old in a magazine and on most days you are probably too busy and tired to even worry about makeup. And if you want good lighting for a Instagram selfie you are relying on good old mother nature to provide you with day light.

So instead of focusing on the negatives and comparing yourself to people who if you took the makeup off them look exactly like you and I, I would like you to grab a piece of paper and a pen and write one thing about your physical appearance and one thing about your inner beauty that you love about yourself, and to do this every day for a month. I will be doing this over on twitter using the #imlovingmebecause and if you would like to join me then you can do so through this hashtag. Lets get people talking about their positives rather than concentrating on their negatives.
 Body confidence is so important. It can be hard to find especially in such a judgemental society but loving yourself starts with you and naming your inner and outer beauties will slowly allow you to see how much there is to love about yourself.


  1. Well said lovely. Sry I missed chat yesterday, but it looked to be excellent and an important conversation to have!<3