Saturday, 1 April 2017

10 quotes I think everyone should live by

If you follow my Instagram or take part in my twitter chats (#MHChatHour) then you will know that I absolutely love quotes. Pintrest is the place to be for quotes and so I thought I would share some of my favourite quotes with you and why I think you should live by these quotes. These quotes aren't all linked to mental health and recovery as they are quotes that everyone and anyone can live by.

Number One 

This quote is for those times when you are running out of hope, when things feel truly impossible. Be that in recovery, a prospectus career idea or anything else in life that genuinely feels impossible.  I love the play on words and message that nothing is impossible. Remember, if you are attempting something that someone else has done then it certainly isn't impossible and if you are attempting something that has never been done, then it only feels impossible because it has never been done. But you can change that.

Number Two

When I found this quote I found it rung true for my very purpose of being a mental health activist. I often say that your story is the most powerful thing you own. It has the power to move people and to help people find hope. However, telling your story means forcing yourself not to forget and whilst of course, there are parts of everyone's stories they would rather forget it is these parts that will be the most effective and powerful. If you can do so safely, then do use the power of a voice that you have, and share your story. Be that online to strangers, in speeches or in conversations with loved ones.

Number Three

This is an important quote and this is because we are all so fixated on plan A and then we come up with a back up plan and that's it. But life has a funny way of taking you down paths you could never of imagined yourself being down. I'm only 2 decades into my life and I'm already on plan C. We need to focus less on Plan A being the only plan available and being open to the paths life my take us down. For all you know plan M will be better than plan A.

Number Four

A lot of people want success handed to them on a gold platter. They want to be famous, rich and successful but they don't want to do the work that is required to get to that point. Realising your dream means you have to hustle, that means early mornings and late nights of hard work and that means minimising procrastination, that means giving everything you have to your future. As this quote shows, every morning you have a choice.

Number Five

We all have dreams. But then life happens and we settle for anything that will pay the bills, even if it makes us unhappy. Days and months and even years roll by and we forgot about our dreams. Only you can make those dreams a reality. Making them a reality will be hard, but a little work towards them every day will make a difference. Otherwise, as this quote says, you will just be hired to build someone else's dreams and will that lead you to be a fulfilled, happy individual?

Number Six

Nothing in life is a waste of time, because you grow and learn from those experiences, most certainly from the painful ones. If a lesson can be learned and you can grow as a person then take any opportunity that comes your way. I have learnt more in the last 4 years from battling with my mental health than at any other point in my life.

Number Seven

This quote shows the two roots of unhappiness. Unfortunately we now live in a life controlled by social media which means constant comparison, from the body shape of other people, to their designer clothes and their amazing holidays. It can leave us feeling quite rubbish. But if for a moment you think of everything you do have then actually you have all the tools to be happy. You may not have the designer clothes but do you need them to be happy? If the answer to that question is yes then your happiness lies in the wrong place and you will never reach a state of happiness.

Number Eight

This quote needs to be pasted onto walls for people to see. Happiness and sadness are not comparable to the joy and pain of other people. You are 100% entitled to feel whatever emotion it is tat you are feeling. Feeling emotion is human and you shouldn't be made to be felt guilty for that.

Number Nine 

In many situations we do not see things objectively, how we see them is dependant on our mental state. So when reacting to something it is important to take a moment to step back, to breathe and  to realise whether it is worth our reaction, a lot of the time you will find it isn't.

Number 10

Here is the final quote and it speaks for itself. Meaningful conversations are the most important kind. They can touch other peoples lives and maybe change them for the better. If you have a voice use it. If you have a platform use it, use it to shout your message for as long as you can.

There are many other quotes that are amazing and that could have been mentioned above. Of course some of these quotes and points are easier said than done and it does depend on your personal situation. 
 What are your favourite quotes and why? Be sure to comment them below. 

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