Sunday, 15 January 2017

Hello 20

Wow, hi there 20 and goodbye 19. 

 I can't believe my teenage years are over and what a set of years they have been. It certainly was action packed and full of drama, enough to make a successful TV soap. Never is there a boring moment in my life.  Humour aside, it has been a journey, a rather difficult one at that. At times I had planned my whole life out (life never sticks to the plan though) and at others I wasn't even sure I wanted to reach 18. Yet here I am at 20 and I look back on it all rather stunned. Sometimes I look at everything that has happened and smile to myself thinking "you're flipping strong girlie" because I am. Whilst I am more than happy to leave my teenage years for the shizza that has happened I will also miss them. Hitting 20 means that life gets serious from now. It means having to get a full time job once my degree is finished, settling down at some point and having to master the art of adulting (a skill which i'm not great at yet).

As I write this (admittedly a couple of days before my birthday) the whole of the UK is expected to be covered in a blanket of snow tonight and I am so so excited! I may be 20 but the excitement for snow hasn't ceased, although like Christmas maybe one day it will. (Let's not think of such a day!) There are aspects of my teenage years that I will miss;  running and skipping (and sometimes singing) through school corridors giggling my head off, throwing wet toilet paper balls at the ceiling of the school toilets, laughing with my friends until I am wriggling in pain and my eyes are streaming. I will miss the days when a nights homework consisted of a couple of not too difficult maths questions instead of a 1500 word essay. I will miss being cooked for instead of being faced every night with the question "what can I be bothered to cook tonight?".  I will miss being carefree because lots can be blamed on young age, for example crazy coloured hair because I have done my fair share of wild colours. I will continue to miss the support systems that came with being at school but being an adult means that I learn to thrive and support myself alone. 

I am looking forward to my twenties, a chance for more growth and I have plenty of exciting plans and ideas to look forward to in the future. I am sure my twenties won't be a completely smooth ride either, in fact they aren't even starting in the smoothest of ways but that is the way that life rolls. At the mere age of 20 I have achieved so much and I cannot wait to see how much more I can achieve and of course I will be taking you with me. 

Here is to the beginning of my third decade on this planet.  

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