Friday, 15 April 2016

Pressure on Young Children

When talking about mental health (especially on this blog) I have always spoken about the subject in relation to teenagers and adults yet there is a growing pressure on younger people and I didn't quite realise how close it was to home until the other day. I was sitting in my room with my 10 year old cousin and she suddenly told me that she was fat.

 My cousin is far from fat, she has a bit of puppy fat which is normal to allow her to grow. However, when she came out with this I was shocked. She then asked me how to be skinny. I found this horribly saddening. When I was 10 years old I was too busy playing with toys to be worrying about my weight. However, this attitude towards her body image is fed through the society in which we find ourselves. The other day, we were watching music videos and in every single one, the girls used were pretty and thin and I watched my cousin mesmerised by them. My cousin lives in France, and I feel like in France there is less of a pressure on young girls in comparison to here in the UK due to the heavy influence that America has on the way the English society works. This got me thinking about the pressure that young English girls must feel and then why it comes as a surprise that so many young people crack under this pressure.

Having said that, it does seem that our society is turning towards curvy girls being fashionable instead of extremely skinny ones. However, I think we should turn into a society that accepts all body types, instead of teaching young girls that they should look a certain way to be considered perfect we should teach them to love the figure that they have. Whilst, I have mainly focused on the affects on young girls there is certainly a pressure on boys as well. With more and more boys feeling the pressure to body build and be strong, it cannot be a surprise that the rate of boys suffering from body issues is rising.

The most important thing that children should be taught is that they need to eat healthily and exercise and that they need to allow their body to just do its thing. If when they are older they feel that they would like to lose some weight they should then be taught how to so healthily.

We need to start being body positive

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