Wednesday, 9 March 2016

The Waiting Period

When we have issues with our mental health and we feel we need extra support, we go to see the doctor who in turn will either offer medication or a form of talking therapy. However. then comes what they say will be a 6-8 week waiting list which actually turns into much longer than this. Is this normal? Surely you are seeing a doctor because you need help there and then, not in a couple of months time, anything could happen in that time. I realise that the NHS is under a lot of pressure however mental health has always been ignored and it isn't normal that a referral takes so long. Lets take the example of physical health, if you have a medical condition which means that you need a referral to the hospital you will probably end up with an appointment 2 weeks later yet mental health issues are such a different story.

I think that the scariest thing is that in that wait of 2 months anything could happen to that person, all because they haven't received any immediate help. This long wait could make someone feel that not even the NHS who is meant to be there to help cares enough to help and this could add onto a mountain of other feelings and then lead to self harming behaviour or suicide. Does the NHS really want to be responsible for this?

The most frustrating situation is when you go to see a doctor because you aren't feeling very good, they refer you but then during the waiting period you begin to feel better and then when it comes to having the therapy you have nothing to talk through because you presume that because you are feeling momentarily better that you are better. It just doesn't work, I think that there should be a week or 2 waiting list so that it is almost immediate help, this would help so many people.

Of course without the NHS we wouldn't be able to receive the must needed help for free however waiting lists definitely need to be cut down.
What's your opinion on this?

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