Tuesday, 17 November 2015

The Happy Box

Today I was made away about the "Happy Box", an idea that I hadn't previously come across and so I was wondering how many other people don't know about this. Whilst the one I will be sharing with you is mainly aimed for those who self harm it can be used for the recovery of all types mental illness.

‘Happy Box’

Find a box that you are able to place items in that will allow you to get through a time where you think you want to harm yourself. Identify things you like, using as many of your senses as possible

· Sight – photographs, notes, pictures, art supplies, books, DVDs
· Hearing – favourite music, noises, relaxation CD
· Touch – textiles, cuddly toys
· Smell – candles, hand lotions, perfumes
· Taste – favourite sweets

 When you feel the urge to harm yourself spend 5-10 minutes using each of the items in your box
 Place the item you would usually use to harm yourself in this box.
Wrap this item with paper and write the emergency services number on here.
Wrap another piece of paper on top of this one; write on here the name and number of your GP/Out of Hours GP (111).
Place another piece of paper on top of this one (and more if you wish) of the name and numbers of people in your life you could call and speak to.

 Once you have used all of your items in the box, and if you are continuing to think you wish to harm yourself; look at your first layer of paper, call the person and speak to them. If you still continue to feel as intensely about wanting to harm, take off that layer of paper and call the next person on your list. Continue to do so until your feelings and thoughts change.

If you do wish to harm, the information below may be useful for you.

• Self Harm (Young People)
Support for young people impacted by self harm.

• National self-harm network
0800 622 6000 helpline is currently open from 7pm to 11pm Thursday-Saturday, 6.30pm-10.30pm Sunday.
Online forums, information, supports everyone effected by self harm.

• Out of Hours GP
Telephone: 111
This will be helpful if you need medical help or advice, if you feel unable to keep yourself safe, but it might not be urgent enough to call 999.

•  Self Harm
Webpage with multiple resources about self harm.

Unfortunately all of the above numbers and websites are for the UK. I will look into the best services for other countries.

I hope this helps you. Stay strong

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