Thursday, 1 October 2015

My Story: Childhood (Part 1)

So this blog has been up for a month now and I have been asking you all to share your stories and I guess you guys may like to know what led me here. So here is my story.

Lets start right at the beginning. I grew up with my mum, dad and brother, until I was 8.There had been many arguments for quite a while but on the 27th of December I was downstairs in the lounge, when my dad got up and punched my mum. We were taken straight out of the house and stayed at one of my mum's friends house. I thought it was only for a night, but we were there for weeks. The police were called, our house was deemed unsafe until my dad found other accommodation and a restraining order was put in place. Eventually we moved back in, but we had to find a new house due to some more threats my dad had made. It is weird because when I look back on this period of my life I don't remember being particularly upset, I just got on with it. I finished my primary schooling and moved onto secondary school.  In year 8 I met 2 girls called Alice and Willow (not their real names) and within about 3 months of knowing them they told me their biggest secrets. Alice was bulimic and Willow was self harming. I was only 12 and had never come across problems like these, I didn't understand them but I wanted to help... perhaps I wanted to help too much. I soon learnt a lot about these problems and spent a lot of time talking to these people who perhaps showed me the darker side to life. Had I not met these two girls I might not have lived the journey that I have. But at this point I couldn't complain about life, I lived in a nice house with my mum and brother, my dad was back in my life and it was going well.

When I was 13 my mum met a new man. He was perfect, exactly what I wanted my dad to be like. He promised he would look after us, that he would treat us how dad should have. We began to make plans to move out of the country and it all seemed great. Until one night there was a big argument, I was in bed and I suddenly heard someone hit someone in the direction of mums room. An anger filled me, this couldn't happen again, not another man who would hit her. I stormed in and hit him repeatedly with my teddy. (Sounds silly I know but as a child I didn't know what to do). Turns out he had pushed her and mum had slapped him. (Go mum!)
Life went back to the three of us and stayed that way but we had a good,happy, busy life...

Read the next part coming in a couple of days.

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