Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Suicide Prevention Week

The suicide prevention week runs between the 6th and the 12th of September in the hopes to raise awareness about suicide. Every year 800,00 people die from suicide which equates to someone killing themselves every 40 seconds. According to The Samaritans in 2013, there were 6,708 suicides in the UK alone, the majority being men between 40 and 50.

It is important to remember that often a suicidal person doesn't actually want to die, they just want to escape their pain.

How can you help with the prevention of suicide?

Talk- as uncomfortable as you may feel it is important to try to encourage the person to talk about their feelings. Listening is the best way to help. Ask open questions. Don't act shocked with some of the things they may tell you or argue with them as this may cause them to build walls.

Get professional help- Dealing with a suicidal friend or family member can be very tough and so it is important to tell someone else, such as a health care professional. They can not only help the person who is suicidal but can also help you.

Don't be judgemental- The thing that a suicidal person may fear most is being judged and so if you judge them they may not open up again. Therefore, it is important to be supportive and understanding.

Important information for someone dealing with a suicidal person

Remember that you are unable to "fix" the person. It is common to feel as though you can "fix" a suicidal person and help them not be suicidal anymore however this isn't the case. This can often lead to self blame however you need to remember that you are doing all that you can.

These following links are helpful when dealing with suicidal behaviours:

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